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Collaborative Law in Moncton: Settle a Dispute without Going to Court

The collaborative approach to law is a relatively new way of going about resolving legal disputes. As a new form of legal process, not all aspects of collaborative law have been fully explored. However, I have been practising the techniques of collaborative law in Moncton throughout my career.

In the traditional process, one party sues the other and the court decides the outcome. In some instances — while legally sound — the outcome is not satisfactory to either party and both parties leave the court, unsatisfied. In collaborative law, disputes can be resolved between parties without the expense and time-consuming aspects of going to court.

In my professional opinion, collaborative law is one of the best methods towards reaching a negotiated settlement between parties without involving the courts, which can be timely and expensive.

 Discuss Collaborative Law with Bob Charman

To see if your legal matter would be best served through a collaborative law approach, I invite you to call me to arrange a consultation.

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