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Work with an Experienced Wills & Estates Lawyer in Moncton

As an experienced wills and estates lawyer in Moncton, I have been active in the preparation of wills, probate matters, and in the administration of estates. With a proper will and estate plan, you can help avoid family and legal strife at a time when your family should be focussing on the grieving process.

No matter if your will is simple or complex, I can apply my experience to create a comprehensive will that ensures your best intentions are followed through.

Over the years, I have helped many clients to plan their wills and resolve estate and probate matters following their passing, including estate administration and property distribution.

 Talk to Bob about Your Wills and Estates Needs

If you are searching for the peace of mind that can only come with a proper will and estate plan, I invite you to give me a call to arrange a consultation.

What Happens if I Die without a Will?

In this article, I will explain what can happen if you depart this world without a will.

Understanding Personal Care Power of Attorney

In this article, I follow up with a question from the public about what it means to have personal care power of attorney.

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